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Qualla is the only application on the market which, with a single click, guarantees the absolute control over the picking-up of the children. Only authorised people are allowed to pick up the kids and it is automatically registered.

As a result of working closely with schools, and with the aim of covering specific needs, our offer has been broadened: arrivals at school, virtual classrooms, illnesses or absences notifications , extracurricular activities, authorisations, canteen, medication administration, panic button… etc.

Qualla focuses on simplifying all the administrative processes at the schools at any critical time, with the objective of reducing the amount of paperwork and making it more user-friendly. They are specialists in making the communication between parents and schools much easier and carrying out all the processes in an easy and safe way.

At present, they proudly implemented Qualla in different educational centres, which encourages them to continue working to fulfill the expectations of their schools.

The Fun Lab

The Fun Lab

The Fun Lab is an engineering and consulting firm dedicated to leisure, waterparks and family tourism. In addition, we are an independent company accredited by ENAC for the inspection and certification of aquatic leisure facilities in accordance with European regulations relating to water slides and water play equipment. There mission is to provide customers with reliable solutions that enable them to create and develop secure, sustainable, and innovative leisure facilities.

IG: @thefunlab.es

FB: thefunlab.es

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-fun-lab/

WEB: www.thefunlab.es

The Fun Lab banner

The Fun Lab

The Fun Lab is an engineering and consulting firm dedicated to leisure, waterparks and family tourism. In addition, we are an independent company accredited by ENAC for the inspection and certification of aquatic leisure facilities in accordance with European regulations relating to water slides and water play equipment. Our mission is to provide customers with reliable solutions that enable them to create and develop secure, sustainable, and innovative leisure facilities.



Profe.com is a #EdTech start-up that aims to democratize tutoring classes, using the most advanced technology so that all students can access quality school help at an affordable price.

We reinvent the tutoring classes sector by offering unlimited classes with a personal teacher for all subjects from Primary to High School and a flat rate with all services included. In addition, families can track the progress of their children through the notes and comments of their teacher after each class.

Visit profe.com


Descoberta, projects for education, culture and leisure is a company that manages all types of services and facilities, mainly aimed at children and young people.


Our working fields are:


  • Management of children’s and youth facilities and socio-cultural spaces.
  • Educational and leisure-related activities and visits for schools.
  • Approved training in the field of leisure education.
  • Citizen activities and participation. Awareness campaigns.
  • Animation and events.
  • Environmental education projects.
  • Receptive travel agency for students.


All these projects are carried out with experience and motivation, with a wide team of facilitators prepared to implement these services and always willing to collaborate with projects designed by all types of organisations and companies that share the desire to empower children and young people and involve them in their education.


More information: www.descoberta.cat

Anthesis LavolaLAvola

In 2019, Lavola – a leading company in sustainability services in Spain – merged with Anthesis Group to become Anthesis Lavola. We bring a team of more than 200 professionals and nearly 40 years of experience in the various fields of sustainability to become a global provider of solutions and services with a common vision of sustainability.

We contribute to inspiring people to join processes of social transformation. From our commitment and vocation for scientific, technological and social education, we want to promote the cultural change necessary for a more sustainable world.

Get to know us: https://www.lavola.com/


Eduxarxa is a cooperative specialising in education. We design and support transformative educational projects. We offer all kinds of educational services in different fields of knowledge and provide creative responses to the most diverse educational challenges.


Our work encompasses all stages of the process. We conceptualise the educational and creative strategy, design and produce the educational resources, and develop the communications and campaigns and the branded content necessary to publicise and ensure the most widespread reach of the programmes. We apply active educational methodologies based on teamwork (PBL, SL, etc.), creating emotional experiences that allow for an even better approach in terms of learning, and we gear all our projects towards the building of a society that protects human rights, social equity and environmental sustainability.


Services and areas

  • Educational Programmes: We bring the work carried out by organisations and institutions closer to schools.
  • Educational Resources: We empower people to take ownership over their learning.
  • Training: We help institutions and companies to communicate knowledge, content and values.
  • Educational Consultancy: We advise public bodies, schools, museums and organisations on educational-related strategic planning and diagnostic processes.
  • Educational Events: We optimize the format to the target audience of each event and we are involved in all stages of production.
  • Science and Technology: We promote awareness of scientific culture among students and the general public.
  • Social Economy: We provide tools to analyse the economic environment with a critical spirit.
  • Global and Environmental Justice: We design awareness-raising projects to promote social equity and environmental sustainability.
  • Culture and Heritage: We create cultural awareness-raising educational contents and experiences.
  • Educational Innovation: We design cutting-edge educational projects to create a positive social impact with our work.


Visit our website


Contact us

  • hola@eduxarxa.coop
  • 699 747 307 / 630 089 723
  • Carrer d’Astúries, 34, 4t B, 08012, Barcelona.


With Headquarters in Barcelona, ​​for more than 10 years, Luppa has created promotional solutions for different industries and businesses. Our experience in license management and our focus on creativity are key to developing successful campaigns. This allows us to create unique concepts with the aim of offering promotional solutions to our clients according to their objectives, whether they are building loyalty, engagement, average ticket increase, channel activation or generating co-branding moments.

World Alive

World Alive is a dynamic and experienced brand specializing in highly regulated children’s products. Our products support the safety, education and well-being of children around the world. World Alive’s latest project is the yoga and mindfulness brand Soul Mates, which aspires to be an antidote to the overuse of screens by young children. Soul Mates yoga mats and minfulness pillows have taken traditional wellness practices and presented them in an accessible and fun way for young children to learn and experience.

In addition to our innovative and original products, World Alive has extensive experience in law enforcement, international distribution and partnerships, reliable logistics, professional and environmentally friendly packaging, and a well-earned reputation for the excellent personal service of the company. our small and dedicated team of mothers with great professional ethics.

More information at https://www.world-alive.net/es and at https://soulmateskidsyoga.com/

Casal dels Infants

Casal dels Infants Association is a socio-educational organization. Since 1983 we support children, youth and families at risk of exclusion in our society. From the conviction that, no matter how harsh their reality is, if they receive the support they need and have access to opportunities, they will be able to overcome inequality and get ahead.


Every year we support 7,000 children, youth and families in neighborhoods with the greatest inequality, such as Raval de Barcelona, Badalona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Adrià de Besòs (La Mina) and Salt. And also to local organizations in Tangier and Casablanca (Morocco).