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Coding Giants

Coding Giants is an international and innovative school for children and young people interested in programming and new technologies. The school offers a comprehensive activity with great success in many countries (Europe, Asia, Australia and South America) that promotes computational thinking and programming to solve problems of daily life among the youngest, in which intellectual skills such as logical analysis of data, the visual representation of problems and the use of algorithms.

The school offers face-to-face and online courses aimed at children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 and has a team of teachers made up of professional programmers. Its activities are endorsed by a large group of pedagogues with extensive experience in the education sector.

Coding Giants courses last the entire school year, from September to June, with coding classes tailored to different age groups. They also offer shorter intensive courses, summer courses and free workshops. Classes are prepared and conducted in such a way as to arouse students’ interest and desire to learn.


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