Descoberta, projects for education, culture and leisure is a company that manages all types of services and facilities, mainly aimed at children and young people.


Our working fields are:


  • Management of children’s and youth facilities and socio-cultural spaces.
  • Educational and leisure-related activities and visits for schools.
  • Approved training in the field of leisure education.
  • Citizen activities and participation. Awareness campaigns.
  • Animation and events.
  • Environmental education projects.
  • Receptive travel agency for students.


All these projects are carried out with experience and motivation, with a wide team of facilitators prepared to implement these services and always willing to collaborate with projects designed by all types of organisations and companies that share the desire to empower children and young people and involve them in their education.


More information:

PortAventura World



 Welcome to the largest Mediterranean family resort. A unique holiday destination with 3 theme parks, five 4-star hotels and one 5-star hotel, a convention centre, 3 magnificent golf courses and a beach club with direct access to the beach.

Located in an exceptional setting on the Costa Dorada, just 1 hour from Barcelona and on the shores of the Mediterranean, PortAventura World Parks & Resort is an ideal destination for an unforgettable family holiday at any time of the year.


Our Vision – Rethinking an obsolete concept

ExpoNadó is a modern baby fair responding to the needs of the moment. A weekend experience where couples, pregnant women, fathers, mothers and babies from 0 to 4 years old from all over Catalonia, meet to spend a very special weekend: get to know new products, services and trends, buy with great discounts and enjoy a hundred activities . ExpoNadó is a project based on experience: we see life as an experiential, creative, different game. Through these pillars we reach our audience. Training is essential, and how to reach current and future fathers and mothers is the key to a future with young people committed and rich in values.
In the same way we play and open the minds of the little ones through creativity, music and culture.


TANAKA TEATRE és una companyia de teatre orientada al públic familiar que està explorant noves fòrmules de treball amb marques i empreses i que vol aportar coneixement, comunicació i aprenentatge d’una manera lúdica.


LENOARMI és una escola d’educació integral que té com a objectiu promoure la salut i el desenvolupament de les persones, des d’el seu neixement i fins la vellesa.

La Ciutat dels Somnis – Nou Festival de la Infància

La Ciutat dels Somnis is an educational leisure and experiential exploration event that aims, through the gamification of the world of work, the discovery of jobs and professions by the youngest (4-12 years). The City of Dreams takes over at the Festival de la Infància with a more innovative and adapted concept to the new reality of children.


La cadena CINESA va nèixer a Barcelona el 1944 . Actualment rep la visita de més de 17 milions d’espectadors cada any, que volen veure alguna de les 300 pel·lícules que estrenen a les més de 500 pantalles i 100.000 butaques. Es tracta de més de 40 multicines a tot el territori espanyol.