UPF Ventures

UPF Ventures is an innovation management company, run by Pompeu Fabra University, that has as one of its main goals to connect the research groups from the university with the business, industrial, governmental sectors… in order to share knowledge and to generate, all together, a value chain that can have a socioeconomic return. Nowadays, we are working on projects focused on three areas: Life Sciences, ITC and Social Sciences and Humanities.

From UPF Ventures and together with KID’S CLUSTER, we would like to get closer to the infant and education world so, we can contribute, in conjunction with all the actors, to an improvement of the Catalan society.


LA SALLE és un dels centres fundadors de la Universitat Ramon Llull i es dedica a la formació des de fa un segle, desenvolupant graus, màsters i doctorats en enginyeria, arquitectura i gestió, a més de projectes d’investigació en cooperació amb el món empresarial.