TENDER CALL: study on the “now generation”: global international trends


  • Project: KIDS (Key Internationalisation Activities for the European Children’s Sector)
  • Topic: study on the “now generation”: global international trends
  • Tender reference number: KIDS-2022/02
  • Deadline for tenders:
  • Documentation formats for the proposals: PDF with 10-page maximum extension
  • Information provided by tenders:
    • Name of the organisation
    • Address
    • Contact details and link to website
    • Legal status organisation
    • Brief history of the organisation, focusing on relevant expertise
    • VAT number
    • Leader of tender and organisational position
    • Any existing commercial relationships or other potential conflicts of interest with KIDS consortium members

About KIDS

Key Internationalisation Activities for the European ChilDren’s Sector (KIDS) is a 36-month project funded by the European Commission under the COSME programme. It is led by four European clusters representing different approaches to the children and family’ industry in the EU. In line with the Clusters Go International Programme spirit, the KIDS partnership delivers a proposal of transnational added value across several business sectors, most of them key growth drivers for the EU economy.

For the first time, SMEs in the children & family markets, digital technologies & circular economy sectors will find in this project a safe place to expand cross-sectorial cooperation, explore new value chains, and strengthen their management capabilities to engage in internationalisation processes beyond EU’s borders.


The industry of our future: the children and family market

What we call “children’s sector” includes all the companies and organisations which produce and commercialize products and services for children from 0 to 12 years old. Our sector covers all the needs of the kids, their parents and their immediate environment, including basic products and services such as housing and fashion, education and learning, health and wellness, and leisure and entertainment. In other words, all these products and services support children in their holistic, healthy and balanced growth.



Activities to be performed and requirements

The holistic approach followed by KIDS includes companies, products and services across many sectors gathering several value chains to serve the final end-user, these are kids and parents. The demand of the children industry changes and evolves rapidly and it is especially important to count with updated information to channel the project efforts in growing and promising markets.

It is key to gather experts in the international level that have deep insights on the child (0-18 years old) behavior to provide information on international trends and help EU manufacturing companies to align their products lines to the needs of future consumers, which evolve and change constantly.

Proposal has to include:

  • Objectives and scope of the study
  • Description of the methodology
  • Outputs and deliverables
  • CV of key expert(s) in charge of drafting the study
  • Calendar
  • Budget


Selection criteria

The successful tenderer will be selected on the basis of proposal quality, value for money in providing the organization services, and understanding the importance of the project activities. Value will be predicated upon the evident capability of the prospective contractor to fulfil the requirements of the tender.

The successful tenderer must be able to provide any information and data in addition to deliverables and reports already submitted (including information on the use of resources), up to five years after the date of the contract. KIDS Consortium and/or the European Commission may request contractors to provide such information to it directly (e.g. for audit purposes).


  • Experience of the organisation in conducting similar studies
  • Understanding of the meaning and importance of the project and the study’s objectives
  • Price proposal
  • Having previous experience in the KIDS project and proper understanding of its aim and objectives



Outputs must include:

  • Report of the study conducted with conclusions and recommendations (in English language)
  • Annexes with the analysed data
  • Short version of the report for communication and commercial purposes (in English language)


Responsibilities of the Service Provider

The successful contractor will be responsible of the delivery of the agreed documents and information, in accordance with KIDS consortium partner’s directions.


Timetable and Milestones

A detailed activity schedule will be agreed with the successful contractor, which will be part of the contract. The indicative timetable is as follows:


  • Tenders submitted: May 31st, 2022
  • Contract issued: June 6th, 2022

The study’s outputs will be delivered no later than October 1st, 2022.



The overall funding available for the whole task is € 17,000 (VAT excluded)

The tender price must cover liability for all costs including staff costs, attendance at meetings, equipment, access to data, travel and subsistence (if needed), overheads, and any national tax when applicable.



  • 40% upon proposal acceptance
  • 60% upon event performed


Presentation of tenders

Please send your proposal to Anna Lopez, Managing Director of KID’S CLUSTER, and Rénald Lafarge, Managing Director of NovaCHILD, before May 31st (included): alopez@kids-cluster.com / renald.lafarge@novachild.eu