Toyi: Anything could be a toy

Possibly one of the most surprising and imaginative proposals of recent years. Toyi are packages of 32, 64 or 640 pieces. In fact, they are pieces, containers, tapes, rubber bands, buttons… things that were launched at some point and that this Turkish entrepreneurial company has recovered, cleaned and grouped so that, in each package there are necessary items to convert those pieces in a toy. Of course, it must be the boy or girl who with his ability and imagination builds an object that allows him to play. And is that Toyi packs come without instructions. It is about the user transforming the pieces into a game from freedom and creativity, without rules and without a structured game.

Toyi’s values ​​are those of the 21st century: recycling, empowerment, creativity, imagination and equality, because anyone can do the same thing that Toyi offers without buying its innovative pieces packs, which incidentally cost €20, €35 and €295 . Of course, this company has attracted the attention of the media specialized in innovation and business issues.