The Wonder

“The Wonder is designed to make family life more cheerful. It is a space for recreation, experiences and human connection for all ages. You can relax with friends while your children play, or turn off the phone and pick up a brush with your son (without dirtying his floor) The days are long and the years are short: we make the most of it. ”

With this introduction, The Wonder wants to convince fathers and mothers to pay an annual fee of $ 4,800 so that their sons and daughters can enjoy this innovative space located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York. It is a service inspired by the philosophy of spaces such as the popular WeWork, in which in exchange for a generous fee, you can enjoy quality services in a more exclusive environment. In The Wonder there are all kinds of toys, costumes, books and other elements for children’s fun. Training classes are given. Tales are told. You can also find a children’s buffet menu of healthy products, biodegradable diapers and all kinds of organic body lotions. But, in addition, the details are taken care of to the fullest, to the point that in the space of leaving the strollers a person passes the vacuum cleaner to clean them of the crumbs that may have caused the children on the way to The Wonder.

The Wonder opened last September after getting 2 million euros from investors who fully trust the idea.