Magnetic wallpaper

It’s called Interactive Magnetic Dino Wallpaper and is the winner of the latest edition of the Etsy design awards. It consists of a wallpaper that incorporates a magnetic material. This allows you to hook small characters that can be moved. The result is that a wall becomes a huge space where children can express their imagination and build their stories in a simple and attractive way.

The designer of this innovative product is called Sian Zeng, and ensures that the wallpaper, despite being in some backward movement as a decorative element, can give a huge personality in the decoration of a house, and especially to children’s rooms. In addition, with this new proposal, creativity and imagination are stimulated.

The proposal that won the prize is drawn by hand, and includes a stage full of forests, mountains and dinosaurs. The complementary elements that can be pasted are more dinosaurs, explorers, helicopters and other essential characters to build a great adventure on the wall of the room. Sian Zeng is already working with new designs to expand its product range.

Perfect glasses for your child

A small start-up from Ohio, in the United States, offers glasses that perfectly fit the size and structure of your son or daughter’s face, and, best of all, at a reasonable price. The secret is in the use of 3D printing technology.

Fitz Frames only manufactures unique glasses and on demand. The user must download an application for the mobile and with it first choose the style of glasses they like (mainly shape and colors). Then you must use the app to measure the structure of your face, and the order is launched. A 3D printer manufactures the custom glasses and once you have the frame the necessary crystals are added, including those that have an eye doctor’s prescription. In a few days the glasses are sent home for a price of 95 dollars.

The business model is round. The company must not have any type of stock, customers get a unique product at a reasonable price and that adapts perfectly to the needs. And, of course, that can be repeated every time the boy or girl has grown and has changed the shape of the face. As if that were not enough, and knowing how difficult it is for children not to break or lose their glasses, they offer a subscription service of $ 185 per year with as many spare glasses as necessary.

Creative stationery

How to add value to an eraser? The challenge does not seem minor, but two Japanese companies have recently achieved it.

The Seed company has been the first to invent a transparent rubber called Clear Radar. After 5 years of research and testing he has managed to manufacture and market a rubber that allows to see exactly what is being erased. This product can now be found in virtually any stationery store in Japan.

Other companies in the sector have also been working on solutions to improve the performance or appeal of their erasers. And one of the most successful has been Plus Stationery, which has developed a rubber that as it is used takes the form of Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan. Therefore, what begins as an eraser ends as an object of remembrance and homage to a symbol loved by all. At the moment the rubber has gone on the market as a limited edition and with an approximate price of 2 euros, and has already had an excellent reception.

Toyi: Anything could be a toy

Possibly one of the most surprising and imaginative proposals of recent years. Toyi are packages of 32, 64 or 640 pieces. In fact, they are pieces, containers, tapes, rubber bands, buttons… things that were launched at some point and that this Turkish entrepreneurial company has recovered, cleaned and grouped so that, in each package there are necessary items to convert those pieces in a toy. Of course, it must be the boy or girl who with his ability and imagination builds an object that allows him to play. And is that Toyi packs come without instructions. It is about the user transforming the pieces into a game from freedom and creativity, without rules and without a structured game.

Toyi’s values ​​are those of the 21st century: recycling, empowerment, creativity, imagination and equality, because anyone can do the same thing that Toyi offers without buying its innovative pieces packs, which incidentally cost €20, €35 and €295 . Of course, this company has attracted the attention of the media specialized in innovation and business issues.