Best babycaring in the world

During the Christmas holidays, the heart of New York boils of people who do all kinds of shopping. A consumer marathon that is difficult to manage with the whole family. Aware of this, those responsible for the CAMP Store toy store have created such an attractive service for parents as for children: a pajama party. CAMP monitors stay for three hours with your children in the impressive experiential store on Fifth Avenue. We are talking about a spectacular space with thousands of toys for all ages but in which they can also participate in the mini-disco, craft workshop and stories, among many other things and until 9 at night.

The business for CAMP Store is round: they attract parents with children to the stores, enter $ 60 for the service they provide to children (who spend three hours testing CAMP toys) and provide a service that no other competitor Direct can give.

CAMP Store is one of the experiential reference stores in the children’s segment for its capacity for innovation and attraction.