A lot of technology and few screen. This is the basic recipe of Spot, an innovative toy developed by New Deal Design and that, at the moment, is still in the prototype phase.

It is a device that integrates an optical lens, object recognition software and machine learning technology. The result is an object that is shaped like a hand dryer and that identifies the things it finds in nature. Once recognized, the device translates with voice the explanation of what it has seen. In addition, once the discovery phase is over, Spot transforms the collection of things into a story with a narrative thread that changes as new things are incorporated. This story is narrated with voice but can also be projected on any surface from the same device.

Spot is a toy that applies the latest technology to encourage children between the ages of 5 and 9 to go outside or to nature and investigate their surroundings. It is a technologically very advanced instrument but designed to stimulate your interest, your learning and your personal growth away from the screens.