Reusable diapers

One of the products that generate more waste is diapers. For many months, families end up throwing away many kilos of cellulose that cannot be recovered in any way. That is why numerous alternatives begin to appear in the form of cloth diapers, very similar to those used by our grandparents.

One of the most innovative solutions in this line are the diapers that Luisa Kahlfeldt has designed: the Sumo Diapers. They are manufactured with SeaCell, a fabric made with the fibers of algae and eucalyptus, naturally antibacterial materials and completely appropriate for the baby skin. They have three layers: a soft and absorbent interior, an absorbent core and a waterproof, leak-proof exterior. With the technology of the Swiss textile company Schoeller, diapers remain waterproof without compromising their ability to wash, biodegrade or recycle. The design of the Sumo diapers won the James Dyson Award.