Promoting female engineering

Wonderhood Toys is a company founded by two mothers who met during a master’s degree at the Columbia Business School. And his goal is very clear: “create a new type of toy that inspires girls to think big, to be the architects of their own future.” Said and done. This summer they have marketed two sets of construction that bear a strong resemblance to traditional dollhouses but that promote architectural design and structural engineering, that is, they encourage the creative side and the scientific side.

Fortunately, there are other similar initiatives that struggle to balance the number of men and women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For example, Mattel has signed a collaboration agreement with the programming platform Tynker for commercialized the Robotics Engineer Barbie, the doll that helps to understand the principles of programming. The new engineering Barbie has a cost of only 14$.