In an increasingly digital world, where online conditions creatives and plans, EVENTALISTA * emerges, the result of the merger of the historic MPP and Marketing Land agencies, to claim the strategic nature of the real-world consumer experience.

No one questions in the 21st century what the digital world brings to our lives and how it has become an indispensable tool for building relationships between brands and consumers.

EVENTALISIA * claims the strategic nature of consumer experience in the real world. “Today we are all immersed in the digital world. We like. But no concert seen in streaming will make us experience the same as living it live feeling the collective emotion, no recipe on the network will make us feel the taste, smell and texture offered by a tasting, write thousands of posts or have many likes is not comparable To feel the hug of a loved one. We must take advantage of all the advantages offered by technology and the digital world to offer better real-world experiences to consumers. ”

As José Marín, CEO of EVENTALISTA * says “feeling the real-world experiences is strategic for any brand, and should have a role in their plans”.

Road shows, Street marketing, corporate events, promotions, brand activations, sampling, trade show marketing, dynamic point vta, these are the specialties of EVENTALISTA *, tools that physically bring brands closer to consumers through experiences of “ real world”.