Fighting the fake news

Internet is a dangerous environment for children. In a few clicks you can find all kinds of images and comments or even be subject to attacks. For this reason, in 2017 Google launched an Internet literacy program called Be Internet Awesome, which aims to help children between 7 and 11 years to make safe use of the network. And a few months ago this program was expanded with new content aimed at detecting fake news.

This new pack of Be Internet Awesome includes six lessons designed by experts in education and designed to be used in the classroom. The lessons include all kinds of materials and activities to teach students to detect if the contents are false, if they have been taken out of context or if they are published with harmful objectives. In one of them called “Frame It”, for example, they explain how adding or removing an item from an image can totally modify the meaning of the content.

The program is completely free and available in 9 different languages, including English and Spanish.