Creative stationery

How to add value to an eraser? The challenge does not seem minor, but two Japanese companies have recently achieved it.

The Seed company has been the first to invent a transparent rubber called Clear Radar. After 5 years of research and testing he has managed to manufacture and market a rubber that allows to see exactly what is being erased. This product can now be found in virtually any stationery store in Japan.

Other companies in the sector have also been working on solutions to improve the performance or appeal of their erasers. And one of the most successful has been Plus Stationery, which has developed a rubber that as it is used takes the form of Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan. Therefore, what begins as an eraser ends as an object of remembrance and homage to a symbol loved by all. At the moment the rubber has gone on the market as a limited edition and with an approximate price of 2 euros, and has already had an excellent reception.