Alimmenta’s mission is to help people improve their health through a personalized and natural diet. Our consultations spend more than 400 people a week with different objectives: weight loss, improve their digestive health, adapt their diet to a situation special health or improve their sports performance.We have 15 dietitians-nutritionists who in addition to visiting patients every day make dissemination through our websites and social networks, impacting more than 30 million people every year through our networks We have helped the food industry to create better products and communicate them in a way that is close to the public concerned about their health. In the last 7 years we have worked with more than 40 companies and foundations with the aim of improving population feeding.


SERHS Food offers a comprehensive service in the field of food based on the activity of production and sale of food products of the fifth range, as well as the management of catering for third parties, both for groups and institutions such as event catering and macro events. Its structure is based on a group of companies with various management and food production activities, which turns them into experts in integral catering, targeting sectors such as: health, companies, prisons, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants , sports centers, theme parks, among others, being able to manage the needs of the hospitality, restaurant and community sectors.

SERHS Food stands out for its high quality standards, its flexibility and innovative capacity, both in terms of its production processes, its infrastructure and its management capacity.


HARIBO produeix els coneguts ositos de oro, entre d’altres moltes varietats i exporta des de Espanya caramels de gelatina i regalèssia a pràcticament tots els països de la UE, al mercat sud americà i a la Xina.
Amb més de 130 anys d’història,