SOMNINS is a company at the service of children that creates, develops and manufactures editorial content on any support. The most important value of SOMNINS lies on its knowledge of the sector and its capacity for innovation. It has a trajectory of almost 10 years, and has become a reference on the national market and also has a relevant international presence in Europe, USA and China.

Petit Style

Petit Style is a family magazine aimed at young couples, with children between 0 and 16 anys d’edat. We publish information related to fashion, trends, travel,  plans, DIY for current families and a careful selection of children’s fashion editorials.  Petit Style combines online and paper issues. We launch two editions a year, January and Juny, with 20,000 exemplars of circulation and 4 magazines more are available on the web, with more than 300,000 visits in each number, which is shown in the months of March, May, September and  November.  In addition to the children’s fashion magazine, we also edit també a publication  specialized in family travels PETIT TRAVELER, only available in online edition.  Finally, one of our great goals  facing the final public is the catwalk we offer twice a year, Petit Style Walking. In this parade we show trends, collections of the season for the children and teenagers of the house in four diferents cities: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, València and Sevilla.

El Culturista

El Culturista is the leading Barcelona cultural agenda for families. Launched four years ago, it has attracted a large and segmented audience, in terms of both quantity and quality. Broadly speaking, this audience consists of urban families with small children and consumer interests and habits related to culture, education, entertainment, and anything else having to do with a healthy, modern lifestyle

El Culturista is a bimonthly magazine, with a print run of 10,000 copies per issue. These copies are distributed for free at more than 200 specialized points around the city. The magazine is targeted at families with children ages 0 to 12 and reports on a wide range of cultural and educational events and offerings that stand out for their quality and uniqueness: from reviews of books, albums, DVDs, and so on to cultural activities to do with kids (plays, museums, exhibits, concerts, etc.). It also includes a section on the latest trends, interviews, tour and venue recommendations, and ideas for arts and crafts.

El Culturista also has a digital edition. The website is updated daily and offers extensive listings, featuring all the outstanding quality activities, workshops, and shows the city has to offer. The digital edition currently has an audience of some 10,000 unique users.

Building on our detailed knowledge of the ecosystem of quality culture and entertainment for children and families, in 2018, we also launched a line of cultural services. As part of this line, we plan and hold events for third parties. For example, this year, for the third year in a row, we will be organizing the NanoArts Festival at the CaixaForum facilities in Tarragona, Lleida, and Girona for Obra Social La Caixa. This family-friendly art festival is a day to create, experiment, watch, and play, with workshops and performances intended to nurture the curiosity of young and old alike through interactions with art in order to achieve a more open and multifaceted vision of the world.

We also host our own events, such as the Petit Festivalet Culturista, for which we plan and organize two days of workshops for the whole family designed to spark children’s curiosity and creativity working with partners such as the Palau de la Música and L’Auditori concert halls, the Liceu opera house, the TNC (Catalan National Theatre), CaixaForum, B the Travel Brand, Ametller Origen, and Mútua General de Catalunya. This year’s edition, held at the Museu del Disseny (Design Museum), was a success, drawing more than 5,000 people over the two days, including 840 children who participated in the workshops for kids. We are already hard at work on the third edition, which will also be held at the Museu del Disseny.

As a parallel project, in 2018, we also launched Passaport Cultural (Cultural Passport), an illustrated activity book for young culture enthusiasts to record their experiences in all cultural disciplines: from circus to dance, theatre, music, film, painting, sculpture, literature, etc. To date, the main institutions in Barcelona and Catalonia at large are already participating with a variety of activities and proposals.

Finally, we also offer cultural services for institutions and companies, ranging from analyzing their cultural and educational offer for children and families to custom creating content and activities for their programming.


SomDocents is an online courses platform for teachers recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia as permanent teacher training.

SomDocents is working to offer quality training at affordable prices and be a meeting point for sharing experiences and knowledge.


Namaka is the funniest and wildest children’s magazine! A publication designed by intrepid and curious people from 6 to 11 years old.

From Namaka magazine, we want our readers to have fun while they read, because only this way we will get them to stick to the reading.



Tradició i modernitat; domini artesanal i precisió tecnològica; disseny i funcionalitat – la marca STAEDTLER combina contradiccions aparents creant instruments d’escriptura i de dibuix de la més alta qualitat.



L’Editorial Salvat, fundada en Barcelona en 1869, forma part de la multinacional francesa HACHETTE LIVRE, i està present en els països de parla hispana i portuguesa: Espanya, Portugal y Llatinoamèrica.

Editorial Salvat porta més de mig segle oferint en el quiosc productes editorials de qualitat. Un catàleg amb multitud de productes i prestigioses llicències enfocades a noves tendències i a interessos particulars dels lectors concentrats en els segments infantil, col·leccionisme masculí i femení, col·leccionables de figures, modelisme, còmics i llibres.




DeAPlaneta Entertainment

PLANETA JUNIOR es la companyia de referència al sud d’Europa en l’àmbit d’oci infantil i juvenil. La seva activitat es centra en l’explotació de drets de continguts a la televisió, el cinema, DVD, llibres, llicencies, promocions i publicacions. La companyia disposa d’un dels majors catàlegs de continguts audiovisuals del sud d’Europa a més d’una amplia representació de les marques infantils i juvenils més rellevants.



HAMELIN BRANDS, empresa per Ibèria pertanyent al Grup multinacional francès Hamelin, present arreu del planeta, que fabrica i comercialitza material de papereria per al segment escolar, universitari, professional o personal, sota les marques, OXFORD, ENRI i ELBA, principalment.

Web site:


EDITORIAL FLAMBOYANT és especialista en edició d’àlbums il·lustrats, compra de drets i producció de projectes propis. Disposen d’un ampli catàleg que suma al gaudi de la lectura el seu impacte en cada cas.


EDICIONES JUST és una editorial de revistes especialitzades dirigides al públic professional. Edita Juguetes B2B des de 1962, Puericultura Market des de 1992 i Licencias Actualidad des de 1998. A més, en 2011 va entrar en el mercat internacional amb el seu portal online en anglès Key4Communications.