A back to school kit

The subscription-based business model is taking root in the United States, and some companies are already evolving and adding differentiating elements. This is the case of KidBox, which offers children’s clothing. The clients of this company establish the profile of the boy or girl they want to wear (colors, character, priorities…), and from there they create a box that includes six or seven pieces of clothing and that is received each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) and an extra back to school.

The novelty is that the client does not have to keep all the products that go in the box, and only pays for those who end up buying. Of course, if you keep the entire box, KidBox gives a set of children’s clothing to charities. In addition, the customer also has the option to skip one of the seasonal shipments, if deemed appropriate.

The price of the service is only 90 euros per year, and has no shipping costs in the United States. The company was born four years ago and has not stopped growing with this business model.