Water balloons without balloons

Few things are more fun than a water balloon war. The problem is that to make them you have to use disposable plastic and then can not recover and pollute our environment. But balloon wars without balloons are closer than you think.

An American entrepreneur, Clarissa Redwine, has launched Splat! a kit for children to learn how to make spherifications of water and, in passing, some lessons in chemistry. And it is that to spherify water you only need two fairly common chemicals: calcium lactate and sodium alginate. When these two elements are mixed in the proper proportions, a jelly membrane is created in which any liquid can be injected into the interior. In addition, they are totally innocuous elements for people and animals, and, therefore, 100% safe for children.

The Splat! kits include the products and the seven steps that need to be followed to spherify water. The product is still in the phase of collecting funds to be able to put it on the market soon.