UBER for kids

While in our country carsharing services continue in battles of a legal nature, other countries take advantage of the accumulated experience to go much further. This is the case of the United States, where  in 2014 a group of mothers created a transport company for children aged 6 and above in private vehicles. These mothers have taken advantage of the fact that the popular Uber does not accept transport unaccompanied minors, to launch a service that covers this niche market.

The company is called HopSkipDrive and has started operating in Denver, Colorado. This company only hires drivers who have 100% of points in the card and who have a minimum of 5 years of experience taking care of children. To ensure safety, all drivers must leave their fingerprints. In addition, parents can know from their mobile device exactly where the vehicle is. The objective is to facilitate trips in school, in extra-curricular activities or home without needing the accompaniment of the father or mother.