The quiet hour

Entertainer Ltd. is the largest independent toy retailer in the United Kingdom, operating in more than 170 stores. And coinciding with this Christmas campaign, has started programming its “Quiet Hours”. For a few hours, the store reduces lighting and noise to create a quieter, safer and more suitable environment for people with autism. The objective of the measure is to consolidate optimal time slots to facilitate purchases for these people and, at the same time, disseminate and sensitize customers about this disease.

And it is that according to the National Autistic Society, more than half of the 700,000 people who suffer from autism and their families do not leave home to avoid the reactions of people to the effects of autism, and even 28% have been invited to leave of establishments for the behaviors derived from the disease.

Other establishments in the United Kingdom, such as TESCO or Morrisons supermarkets, have also promoted similar initiatives, all backed by the main foundations of support for people with autism.