The Period Game

Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy met at the Rhode Island School of Design. In one of the subjects they were asked to think and design a new product with possible commercial outlet. The result was The Period Game, a board game about menstruation that wants to change the focus of how it is explained to children. The game wants to explain what are the changes that occur in the body of women when they have the rule in a fun, understandable and normalizing their vocabulary.

The Period Game consists of a board and a series of pieces and cards. The first participant who completes the planned course wins the game. In addition, the game comes with a book of instructions and a pedagogical book about menstruation.

The two entrepreneurs have used the Kickstarter platform to collect funds needed to develop the game, which can be booked from last February 5. It is expected that the game will begin to be distributed to the first buyers from May 2019 at a price of € 39.