The Octopus, the clock of habits

It is difficult to teach a child how to manage his time, basically because children do not have many responsibilities. But on the other hand, it is important to insist on habits and daily routines, such as doing homework, setting the table, making a bed or brushing teeth. To facilitate the work of the fathers and mothers has gone to the market, and at a price of 60$, The Octopus. It is an extraordinarily simple and useful watch. It works by means of a system of icons (there are more than 700) that remind the child of the task that is ahead of him at the scheduled time. This graphic code of the icons facilitates the introduction of habits to children who have not yet learned to read.

The watch is also a great emergency tool: it contains up to five lines of important information, including phone numbers, blood type and allergies. The strap is hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about skin irritations, and it can be changed in case it gets dirty. For all these reasons, The Octopus has won the CES 2017 Innovation Awards.