The Mark: Children’s luxury

Considered one of the most classy hotels on the Upper East Side, the Mark Hotel is also one of the most family-friendly. Children of all ages are welcome with a variety of amenities, most of them decorated with the iconic white and black stripes that identify the hotel.

Thus, parents are delighted to know that the hotel offers Maclaren brand strollers, to make the endless hikes along Madison Avenue and Central Park less heavy. The children also appreciate a welcome bag that, apart from a teddy bear, carries an interesting collection of toys selected by the Zittles neighborhood store. And older children can enjoy a specific circuit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mark Hotel has taken advantage of the proximity to the museum to create a product adapted to children between 10 and 13 years old.

Finally, the children also find an attraction in the room in the shape of an Indian shop. There they can read, play or disconnect from their parents.