The definitive toy store

A toy store with back doors, a musical bridge, a radio lab, a disco with DJ, musical performances, drawing classes and crafts… Surely you have not been in a store like this unless you’ve visited CAMP , the most amazing toy store in the world that opened a few weeks ago in downtown New York.

CAMP is a new retail concept that has placed fun and children at the center of its business strategy. The store has 1000 square meters focused on fun and experimentation. To the children run, touch, share… in short, to be children. In fact, the simple fact of going to CAMP is already, in itself a unique experience since every 8-12 weeks changes the decoration and the theme of a part of the store that is accessed by a secret door. All to guarantee the return of customers.

In addition, CAMP has also promoted an interesting collaborative project with other brands. For example, until last March 15, MasterCard used part of the facilities to promote the experience of summer camps, offering gifts from the store to those who paid with their credit card.