The best sand castles

In the summer of 2016, Kevin Lane took his little daughter to play on the beach. There, he began to make a sand castle and, at the same time, he gave a brilliant idea to his father. Thus Create a Castle was born, a kit to make the best sandcastles in the world.

The kit includes different pieces of plastic designed to make spectacular sand creations, with the look of traditional medieval castles, which include towers, walls and even circular staircases. In addition, the kit also works to make castles using snow, and therefore it is a valid toy both by sea and heat and by cold and mountain areas.

Create a Castle costs between $ 15 and $ 50 depending on how you want to complete the toy, and a part of the money raised is given to a foundation that cares for marine animals. The toy has had very good reviews in specialized portals such as The Toy Insider.