Screenless interactive toy

Yoto is a London start-up that has developed an educational and interactive toy without screens. Thanks to the Yoto Player, children can listen to music, listen to stories and learn a lot of things from a young age safely and without having to interact with any screen. The system works by cards, which are inserted into a slot and Yoto plays the content. This allows restricting the appropriate content exclusively to the age of the children.

There are 6 card categories: stories, music, podcasts, activities, sound effects, and radio. There’s also a Make Your Own card, where kids can upload their own homemade content. The player, although it can be charged, also works on battery power, making it portable. Yoto Player can also be programmed as a bedside light, so it automatically turns off after one hour of operation. It costs £ 80 and £ 60 a year to receive new content regularly at home.

Magnetic wallpaper

It’s called Interactive Magnetic Dino Wallpaper and is the winner of the latest edition of the Etsy design awards. It consists of a wallpaper that incorporates a magnetic material. This allows you to hook small characters that can be moved. The result is that a wall becomes a huge space where children can express their imagination and build their stories in a simple and attractive way.

The designer of this innovative product is called Sian Zeng, and ensures that the wallpaper, despite being in some backward movement as a decorative element, can give a huge personality in the decoration of a house, and especially to children’s rooms. In addition, with this new proposal, creativity and imagination are stimulated.

The proposal that won the prize is drawn by hand, and includes a stage full of forests, mountains and dinosaurs. The complementary elements that can be pasted are more dinosaurs, explorers, helicopters and other essential characters to build a great adventure on the wall of the room. Sian Zeng is already working with new designs to expand its product range.

The quiet hour

Entertainer Ltd. is the largest independent toy retailer in the United Kingdom, operating in more than 170 stores. And coinciding with this Christmas campaign, has started programming its “Quiet Hours”. For a few hours, the store reduces lighting and noise to create a quieter, safer and more suitable environment for people with autism. The objective of the measure is to consolidate optimal time slots to facilitate purchases for these people and, at the same time, disseminate and sensitize customers about this disease.

And it is that according to the National Autistic Society, more than half of the 700,000 people who suffer from autism and their families do not leave home to avoid the reactions of people to the effects of autism, and even 28% have been invited to leave of establishments for the behaviors derived from the disease.

Other establishments in the United Kingdom, such as TESCO or Morrisons supermarkets, have also promoted similar initiatives, all backed by the main foundations of support for people with autism.

Best toys catalogue

ASDA is an important and popular supermarket chain in the United Kingdom that occupies 165,000 people in its 633 stores. In recent weeks ASDA has made headlines in the catalog of the toys section.

Given the uncertainty that each Christmas season generated for those responsible to know what would be the favorite toys for children decided to ask. Thus, one day in July, 500 boys and girls between 2 and 14 years old were able to try all the toys that would be available in the Christmas campaign. A team called “game inspectors” measured the children’s reactions to each product, the time they spent playing and facial expressions. This, completed with the note that the children put to each toy, allowed ASDA to rank with the 100 best toys and added the legend “Chosen by Kids”.

In anticipation of the good results of the campaign, ASDA has increased by 20% the stock of the 20 toys that lead this innovative list so useful for Christmas shopping.

Kid’s Cavern

Last autumn, Metquarter de Liverpool opened a new concept of clothing store aimed at children: Kid ‘s Cavern. It occupies an area of 1,400 square meters designed, specifically, for children. The examples of how it has been put into practice are multiple. The whole store is on one level, there is no corridor or point so you can not pass a stroller, there is a bar with refreshing drinks and treats, a children’s hairdresser, an area with iPads available and a huge videowall where they are projected images of the own small customers inside the store. It is what is known as “experiential retail”.

Kid’s Cavern is the most important independent retailer in the United Kingdom, and sells children’s clothing and shoes from more than 130 different brands.

Spark Plug

Scalextric cars can now be controlled from the mobile device, thanks to an app that replaces the traditional manual control. But this innovation offers much more to the player: from the app can restrict the power of other players, play music prepared in digital libraries while doing the race, listen to the special effects of the motor world, as well as customize other aspects of the race to turn it into an immersive experience.

For now, the Spark Plug can only be booked on the official website of the company for a price of 14.99 pounds sterling (16.75 euros), but it is expected that it will begin to reach all stores this fall, at point for the Christmas campaign.