Best babycaring in the world

During the Christmas holidays, the heart of New York boils of people who do all kinds of shopping. A consumer marathon that is difficult to manage with the whole family. Aware of this, those responsible for the CAMP Store toy store have created such an attractive service for parents as for children: a pajama party. CAMP monitors stay for three hours with your children in the impressive experiential store on Fifth Avenue. We are talking about a spectacular space with thousands of toys for all ages but in which they can also participate in the mini-disco, craft workshop and stories, among many other things and until 9 at night.

The business for CAMP Store is round: they attract parents with children to the stores, enter $ 60 for the service they provide to children (who spend three hours testing CAMP toys) and provide a service that no other competitor Direct can give.

CAMP Store is one of the experiential reference stores in the children’s segment for its capacity for innovation and attraction.

The essential pack to travel by plane

On September 2, Labor Day was celebrated in the United States, a holiday that always means a three-day weekend, ideal for internal tourism. In fact, 15 million journeys were planned by plane, and many of them were in the family. Aware of this, Kraft Foods launched the In-Flight Relief Pack, a backpack full of essential things to have a calm and paceful journey.

The backpack includes some cheese bars with which girls and boys can make figures before eating them. Figures that have to fit into the spaces in the book included in the pack. Inside the bag there is also an ergonomic travel pillow, a mask for the eyes and headphones, which can both be used by children and their companions.

Bixbee, imagination and business

This September, Chicago will host a Bixbee Imagination Station for three weeks, an interactive and itinerant show aimed at children and who have been dubbed “a safari of imagination”. Thanks to a lot of technological resources, attendees can become a selfie in the mouth of a shark, share hidden secrets to flowers, ride on a unicorn inside the Rainbow or shoot a spectacular game of lights and effects with the rhythm of a drum. Tickets cost from $ 15, but there are also packs for groups and you can even reserve the space to celebrate anniversary parties.

Bixbee is a brand of children’s clothing founded in San Francisco in 2011. And one of the ways it has found to gain visibility, promote its products and obtain higher income is through this interactive show in pop-up format and, for Of course, it also includes a product shop.

The shoes that grows

According to the United Nations there are 783 million people living with less than two dollars a day, and millions of these people are children who sometimes do not have to eat and almost never to buy shoes. From here BECAUSE was born, a young company that already bills $ 2.5 million annually, manufacturing products to improve the lives of these people.

One of the most amazing products is sandals that can be extensible up to five sizes and ultra-resistant. They cost between $ 15 and $ 20 and are designed to be purchased by NGOs, administrations or individuals who want to distribute them in the countries most in need. The idea of a business model should not be bad, since only in 2018 more than 100,000 pairs of extensible shoes were sold. The same company also has manufactured anti-malaria stores so that children can sleep without contracting the disease.

Much more than cartoons

The children’s television channel Nicleodeon has acquired Sparkler, a content platform specialized in children’s audiences, with the aim of enriching its proposal and loyalty to its audience. The idea of ​​the operation is to ensure that Nickleodeon viewers are not satisfied when they see episodes of the Canine Patrol or any other series, they can then access educational games with their favorite characters, see exclusive content without advertising and adjusted to its age, and even give parents tools to play with their children without having to have a screen nearby. The result of the project is a subscription service called Noggin.

One of the strengths of the new service is the background it provides, with professionals in the education sector and children’s content with more than 30 years of experience. Sparkler professionals have worked regularly with educational and social services and health centers.

A back to school kit

The subscription-based business model is taking root in the United States, and some companies are already evolving and adding differentiating elements. This is the case of KidBox, which offers children’s clothing. The clients of this company establish the profile of the boy or girl they want to wear (colors, character, priorities…), and from there they create a box that includes six or seven pieces of clothing and that is received each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter) and an extra back to school.

The novelty is that the client does not have to keep all the products that go in the box, and only pays for those who end up buying. Of course, if you keep the entire box, KidBox gives a set of children’s clothing to charities. In addition, the customer also has the option to skip one of the seasonal shipments, if deemed appropriate.

The price of the service is only 90 euros per year, and has no shipping costs in the United States. The company was born four years ago and has not stopped growing with this business model.

Multicultural colors

Children who draw and paint with wax colors already have within their reach a specific range for skin colors. The company Crayola has just launched a collection with eight colors that represent the majority of skin colors that can be found on the planet. The objective is that children can make artistic creations more realistic and inclusive and, at the same time, see racial diversity as something enriching. The wax colors are large in size and are made without any toxic product.

The Multicultural Large Crayons 8 Count pack can be purchased on the Crayola website for a price over two euros. At the time, the company had already created a similar line with washable markers.

Salad Frosting

This is a new food product designed by the multinational Kraft foods that should help children to eat more vegetables. It is a topping, a kind of glazed sauce, which is served in a tube designed to attract the attention of the little ones. Kraft Foods has tried to make a sauce as healthy as possible, using only 1 gram of sugar per serving, when other similar sauces use 20.

The product has been developed after different focus groups with potential users and to carry out different market studies. At the moment you can only try participating in a contest through social networks. If it is shown to be successful, the product will be mass marketed.

Bec-Dot, the toy to learn braille

Rebecca is a three year old girl who was born deaf. Their parents had to learn the sign language to communicate with her, and when they did, they learned that Rebecca suffered from Usher syndrome, a rare disease that also affects vision. That is, her daughter will also be blind before reaching 10 years.

As a result of this dramatic situation they came across another reality: there are very few toys designed for children with visual impairments, and no one to learn to read with the Braille system. Faced with this scenario, the father of Rebecca, who is a computer engineer, decided to create one. The result is Bec-Dot, a rectangular box that teaches children to read in Braille using figures, letters and pieces of colors. The toy is printed in 3D and is linked to an app that allows you to program the words to learn.

The toy has won the Not Impossible Limitless Award, awarded to one of the most important electronics fairs in the world. Now the goal is to produce and sell at a very low price so that children with vision problems can play on the planet.