Holo Cap

It is only a prototype but allows to see perfectly what is the trend in the design of last generation products: what is known as Mixed Reality. It would be the creation of new environments thanks to relate the real world with virtual worlds.

In this case, the product is a children’s hat that incorporates a virtual and augmented reality viewer. It is, then, an alternative to virtual reality glasses, which cause a great immersion, but to the point that they disconnect the user from the real world. In this case, not … in this case, the Holo Cap allows children to continue exploring the real world but, simultaneously, receive additional information they need in the viewer. That is … looking at a plant can know immediately what it is called and what medicinal properties it can have. In addition, the viewer hides automatically when it is not used.

The Holo Cap has been devised by two Korean designers: Hwang Daye and Yeseul Han.