Chen, Meir and Yuval are three childhood friends who originally founded Storyball with the aim of facilitating rehabilitation and physiotherapy for young patients. But once they had the product in their hands they understood that they had created a product that combined the traditional game with interactive stories, and without the need for a screen in between. Something that had to be available to all the children of the planet.

The concept of Storyball is to create the illusion that the boy or girl is inside a videogame. But instead of pressing buttons, they must act really. That is… if they have to swim, it will be necessary to throw themselves into the water. The central element of the game is a ball the size of those used in baseball. Each ball includes a story with different gamified challenges that are announced through an audio: from fighting against evil people to dancing desperately. And, of course, the achievement of these challenges can be shared with friends. And, to round it off, the ball is covered with a silicone sleeve that represents a character. And each case incorporates new stories and new challenges to achieve. An app also allows to renew the content periodically and follow the progress of the player.

Storyball has financed thanks to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, achieving in a short time $ 136,000, five times more than the forecasts of the entrepreneurs. The toy will start selling in the next few days but it can be already booked.