STEMtrunk is an optimal example of how the business model for the children’s sector is changing. This company offers a rental service for educational toys. For $39 per month, users of this platform can have the toy they want as long as they want. They should only select it online and a transport company takes it home and will pick it up and replace it with another one when the child is tired.

This is not the first experience of renting toys, but it does have some peculiarities: the first is that the entire catalog of available products is based on STEM criteria, that is, they are aimed at promoting knowledge and technological and scientific vocations. And all the toys are also supervised and approved by a pedagogical team. On the other hand, its product stock is also used in extracurricular classes in some centers in the United States, extending the life cycle of its toys even more.

Finally, STEMtrunk was also born in a very own way of the 21st century, such as crowdfunding platforms. In this case it was through the IndieGoGo website, where they received the necessary support from 102 people, families and schools to carry out the project.