Snowball powers

Snowballs have little known powers, especially during the Christmas season. The first power is to heal. For the second consecutive year, BC Childrens Hospital has organized a charity event called Snowball Fight for Kids. This is a virtual snowball battle that serves to raise funds to heal children and help them get out of the hospital to make real snowball battles. For each donation of a dollar you get a virtual ball that serves to combat childhood diseases. Fundraising is done through ten NGOs that have set the goal of achieving an arsenal of 30,000 balls. The campaign has been supported with a very emotional video.

The other property that snowballs have is to make children play. The problem is that snow is increasingly scarce. Given this scenario, some companies have begun to create fake snowballs to be able to make wars inside the house. They are very soft balls, about 6 centimeters in diameter so that children can grab them well and that they can be washed in the washing machine.