Screenless interactive toy

Yoto is a London start-up that has developed an educational and interactive toy without screens. Thanks to the Yoto Player, children can listen to music, listen to stories and learn a lot of things from a young age safely and without having to interact with any screen. The system works by cards, which are inserted into a slot and Yoto plays the content. This allows restricting the appropriate content exclusively to the age of the children.

There are 6 card categories: stories, music, podcasts, activities, sound effects, and radio. There’s also a Make Your Own card, where kids can upload their own homemade content. The player, although it can be charged, also works on battery power, making it portable. Yoto Player can also be programmed as a bedside light, so it automatically turns off after one hour of operation. It costs £ 80 and £ 60 a year to receive new content regularly at home.