School’s gym, a huge videogame

Many parents are concerned about the sedentary lifestyle that videogames bring. Children practically only move their fingers, use undesirable body positions and spend many hours without consuming calories. But what would happen if instead of playing with the console the child was the protagonist of the video game? This is what Saga Interactive Gym proposes, a Canadian company that has begun to install the Lü system in different primary schools in the country.

Lü is an intelligent space that understands in real time the behaviors and interactions of the people that make it up. Using the information from the 3D cameras mounted on the ceiling, use games and tools projected on the walls. It also integrates synchronized lighting and sound effects for a better immersion, in real time. This system allows converting the school gymnasium into the scenario of the videogame, where children must interact in movement, jumping, running or using balls. At the moment there are 10 games available and its use has meant a real revolution in the schools where Lü has been implanted.