Recycle your LEGO bricks

According to the calculations of the Danish company LEGO there is an average of 62 pieces of LEGO per person in the world, and the children of the planet spend 5,000 million hours per year playing. But how many of these pieces are not used? How many are left inside a box, a bucket or a plastic bag? And how many children with few resources would be happy to be able to access?

The result of this reflection was the REPLAY project. Through a specific website, the company has made facilities so that the owners of LEGO parts in the United States can give other children who do not have enough resources to buy them. The initiative has been articulated through the NGOs Teach For America and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, which will be responsible for receiving the pieces and giving them a new life.
With this simple project, LEGO manages to reposition the brand around universal values ​​such as solidarity and reuse, and, at the same time, deliver more products to more children without practically any cost.