A cluster is a group of companies and institutions that operate in the same market and that come together to obtain competitive advantages. It’s a new way of understanding business based on collaborating more to compete better.

Since 2010 KID’S CLUSTER shelters Catalan companies and organizations looking for a common space where they can obtain more resources to boost their business and services focused to the children’s sector. Currently the cluster is made up of more than 60 private and public entities that bring together more than 18,000 professionals and which represent a combined turnover of 2.2 billion euros per year.

One of the success secrets of the cluster remains in its diversity. Our members represent all segments of the value chain and this guarantees different and very qualitative approaches to a common objective: the improvement of business possibilities. Their contributions allow us to enrich the network of contacts and the possibilities of promoting shared projects. So, it allows to add value to a sentence we specially like to use: sum multiplies.

KID’S CLUSTER is part of the Catalonia Clusters program of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is accredited at European level with the Bronze Label European Cluster Management Excellence. These awards guarantee the quality of cluster management and reaffirm our goal of excellence as an organization.


Belonging to KID’S CLUSTER also means sharing and assuming values that we have approved among all members and that we apply in our daily management. It is the best guarantee of a quality, transparent and responsible service.


    We are committed to the integral development of boys and girls


    We create spaces of trust that allow the know-how between companies and the creation of strategic alliances


    We drive and transform ideas into projects that have an impact on the market and that allow us to explore new horizons


    We are an integral and open, transparent and honest entity in the management and the actions we carry out.