Prescription of toys on YouTube

Next fall will be held in New York the Toy Fair 2018, one of the most important toy fairs in the world. The program foresees the worldwide presentation of the new toy brand Ryan’s World, which can only be attended with personal invitation. The expectation is fully justified. Ryan’s World is the toy brand of Ryan, the 6-year-old who has 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, from which he simply opens boxes of toys and makes a critique on the fly with a mixture of expressiveness and innocence that has captivated everyone.

Ryan ToysReview is a real phenomenon. In just two and a half years he has accumulated more than 1,000 million reproductions of his videos, opening new toys that his parents buy him and then give to charities. In fact, it has been many weeks the most popular YouTube channel in the United States and the second most important in the world. The operation has allowed him to earn 11 million dollars in 2017 and become the most important influencer in the sector with a huge difference. Starting this year, your own toys will be sold in major stores and, of course, also online.