Pix:Mini, the lighting backpack

Margaret Rimek is a young Ukrainian entrepreneur who has invented a product with great commercial outlet. It is a backpack to go to school but its front is a screen with 256 LEDS points, so each day the child can show a different drawing or message. The content shown on the screen is designed from an application for mobile devices and connected via Bluetooth. This app also allows you to share the creations with other users.

Pix:Mini has other surprising features: the screen is flexible, is made of waterproof material and has an ergonomic design to ensure that it does not damage the user’s back. In addition, the system offers high visibility when there is little light, which makes it ideal for children traveling on a scooter or bicycle.

This project has been created thanks to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, where it has collected more than € 34,000 from the 13,000 that had been set as the initial target. The product will go on sale online in a matter of weeks and will have a price close to 120 euros.