Now Upon a Time

Once upon a time there were princesses who were vulnerable and capricious. But those times are already over. This is how he heads the NowUponATime website, an ambitious storytelling project aimed at rewriting classic tales with a modern message and a clear empowerment for people..

The project is promoted by the prestigious communication agency The Martin Agency (with 350 collaborators from 23 different countries). The stories have been rewritten with the values ​​of today’s society, breaking all stereotypes, but continuing to think about their original audience: boys and girls. The stories can be read or heard from the voice of professional storytellers, as they are posted on the website or on the SoundCloud platform. The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood or Sleeping Beauty are 3 of the six stories published. The promoters of the initiative recommend explaining these stories to the sons and daughters, and even comparing them with the original ones to highlight the differences in roles and messages.