Magnetic wallpaper

It’s called Interactive Magnetic Dino Wallpaper and is the winner of the latest edition of the Etsy design awards. It consists of a wallpaper that incorporates a magnetic material. This allows you to hook small characters that can be moved. The result is that a wall becomes a huge space where children can express their imagination and build their stories in a simple and attractive way.

The designer of this innovative product is called Sian Zeng, and ensures that the wallpaper, despite being in some backward movement as a decorative element, can give a huge personality in the decoration of a house, and especially to children’s rooms. In addition, with this new proposal, creativity and imagination are stimulated.

The proposal that won the prize is drawn by hand, and includes a stage full of forests, mountains and dinosaurs. The complementary elements that can be pasted are more dinosaurs, explorers, helicopters and other essential characters to build a great adventure on the wall of the room. Sian Zeng is already working with new designs to expand its product range.