Learning the mobility of the future

Three San Francisco elementary schools are participating in a pilot program that consists of introducing the use of bicycles in urban environments into curricular subjects. Aware that large cities will increasingly have fewer private vehicles and that cycling is the most sustainable and healthy transport, the City Council and the local transport operator have chosen to try to introduce the use of bicycles to the agenda.

The program consists of the City Council approaching 100 bicycles and the respective helmets and locks in the school during a period of eight weeks. During this time, students must learn to travel with the bicycle and do so with absolute safety. The children who participate in the program do all the practices for bicycle lanes and parks in the city. After eight weeks the material moves to another school.

The first results are very positive. Fathers and mothers have valued the initiative very well, given that in many cases they did not know how to instruct their sons and daughters in the aspects of safety and circulation. Starting next fall, the program will be extended to more schools in the city.