Holiday Inn is a chain that has 1,179 hotels and 214,624 rooms worldwide. Since its origins, in 1952, it has tried to position itself as a benchmark for family travel, and today continues to insist strongly on this idea.

For this they have invented the KidSuites. It is a room within a room that aims, they say, to give children the VIP treatment they deserve. The idea is to create two different spaces in the same room. The children’s area comes with bunk beds, jungle or pirate decoration, game space with a box full of games included, television and an Xbox 360 console. The adult area is more classic, and is made up of a king-size bed, a safe, a refrigerator, a microwave, a telephone and a flat screen TV and satellite channels. It should be noted that the distribution of the KidSuites is also designed to give more privacy while traveling as a family.

One of the first resorts to incorporate the KidSuites is the Holiday Inn in Phuket, in Thailand.