JetKids, the suitcase to travel and to play

The Norwegian firm STOKKE of childcare material is especially known for its high chairs, cars and baby carriers, but lately it has expanded its catalog of products with innovative solutions. Surely the most surprising is JetKids.

It is a spacious suitcase for when you leave a few days from home but it comes equipped with a system of swiveling wheels so that the child can play as if it were a kind of bike / motorcycle without pedals. The height of the suitcase and the ergonomics of the upper part are designed to be easy to get up and down for any child between 3 and 7 years old. It also has a strap to facilitate its transport by adults or to stretch it while the creature is riding it. JetKids, which meets the measures to take it in the cabin of any plane, can be purchased on the STOKKE website for € 119.