Imaginique, the festival

Families in Singapore during Christmas dates (December 13-22) will be able to attend IMAGINIQUE, an innovative children’s arts festival. This event aims to encourage the curiosity of children between 0 and 12 years and help them strengthen their self-esteem through theater, dance and fun.

There are many things that make IMAGINIQUE a unique event. First of all children are the center of the show. They become protagonists through physically immersive experiences, since they are located in the same scenario where the activity takes place. In addition, all performances are non-verbal and inclusive, so that everyone can enjoy them. The program is completed with technical sessions and workshops aimed at people who care for children and with newtworking days so that the different artists participating in the festival get to know each other and encourage the creation of new projects for children.

The idea of ​​IMAGINIQUE came out of adding the best of each children’s festival that is organized in cities such as Edinburgh (Scotland), Brisbane (Australia) or Okinawa (Japan). References have also been taken from the growing network of “baby theaters” that are spreading all over the world.