Helping children to choose healthy food

SpartanNash is a food distribution company in supermarkets that operates since 2013 in the northern United States. With the aim of helping the little ones to make decisions that bring them closer to a healthy diet, they have just launched the Kids Crew program.

This initiative is totally educational and wants to draw attention to the importance of a healthy diet and an active life among children and their parents. For this purpose, it has designed different activities in the same points of sale of its products. Thus, children can pick up and eat the fruit they want, take a guided tour by specialists in supermarkets and receive information on special needs in terms of food. Visits are also made to the company to explain the traceability of fresh products, and different specific dissemination contents have been created that are in digital format.

With this measure SpartanNash wants to do its bit to the enormous problem of childhood obesity in the United States, where 14.2% of children between 2 and 5 years old are already overweight, which means an increase of 8%. , 5% in just two years.