Halo +, total control of your baby

Many fathers and mothers have had some devices to know how a baby is at a distance. First it only allowed to hear the noises in another room, then the cameras came and now Halo+ has arrived. This product developed by Motorola and that adapts to any cradle, incorporates unimaginable functionalities: a camera with infrared night vision at 10 meters, a bidirectional audio system and sound and motion detection sensors. The product also comes with an interconnected viewer for use at home, although if you prefer, parents can access the camera with their smartphones from anywhere.

The benefits do not end here. It comes equipped with a speaker that when the baby wakes up automatically activates specific sounds to make it sleep again. You can also project images of soft colors on the ceiling as if it were a virtual mobile. And to finish completing the list of functionalities, Halo+ is connected to the Hubble IOT platform, which allows parents to control how much their child has slept and even see a daily (or nightly) summary of activity recorded by the camera.

The price of Halo+ is $300.