Habbi Habbi, a pen for learning languages

This is the story of two enterprising mothers who are looking for an educational product for their sons and daughters that is attractive and does not involve connecting to the internet or any screen. And they find it.

Is called Habbi Habbi. It consists of a pencil that helps to learn languages. It is a reading pencil that when the boy or girl places it on any point of the Habbi Habbi stories the pencil translates the word that defines the indicated illustration into audio. In addition, the book includes surprises, since in addition to words there are also points where sounds or even songs are reproduced. In this way, children can spend a lot of time in front of books learning vocabulary in Spanish or English (at the moment these are the two languages ​​that the product offers). An activity that, logically, is even more enriching if shared with the family.

In the Habbi Habbi online store you can buy for 100 $ the initial pack that includes the reading pencil and four stories about first words, first sentences, emotions and professions. The reception has been so good that a dozen new books are already in preparation.