Emotional management in the classroom

In many Finnish schools teachers use daily Mightifier. This is an app designed to improve classroom relationships, stimulate students and reduce bullying episodes. Goals that in only one quarter have been fully achieved according to the surveys made by the students who use it. The app helps the students manage their emotions and social skills, and also measures them individually. Subsequently, it highlights publicly the progress of each one and the improvement of the interpersonal relationships and the general atmosphere of the group. For its part, teachers receive detailed analysis that help them make the right decisions to prevent possible conflicts.

The application (which currently is avaliable in English, Swedish and Finnish) was developed jointly with education managers in the city of Espoo (263,000 inhabitants), and has already won several innovation awards for its spectacular results. In fact, and in just a few months already a hundred schools in Finland use it, as well as some in the United States.