One of the objects in which the use of plastic is more intensive are toys. But 90% of toys for children and babies have a life cycle of less than six months. With the aim of giving a new life to this plastic ecoBirdy was born, a company that collects toys that are not going to be used, recycles plastic and converts it into children’s furniture.

Each of the steps is designed from social responsibility, and a program has been created to involve schools, so that students become aware of the impact that plastic has on the environment and the importance of recycling. EcoBirdy was born a year ago with the aim of recycling 25,000 kilos of plastic from toys from the European Union, and for the moment it has already reached 55% of the targets, or what is the same, it has recycled more than 14,000 toys. The initiative has also collected different international awards.

Furniture made from recycled plastic can be purchased on the EcoBirdy website.