Children’s voice assistants

This summer the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, the Alexa for boys and girls, has gone on sale. It is a virtual assistant designed and designed for the little ones. This means that it knows how to interpret the not always easy children’s language, which offers specific content for these ages, and that it is reinforced with numerous parental controls, with different levels in case there are children of different ages in the house.

Echo Dot Kids Edition users can ask Alexa to play music, tell them stories (it comes with more than 1,000 audio discounts) or even call the phones that parents have authorized. It also incorporates games to stimulate users’ abilities and answers many of the questions that children often ask.

Amazon’s business model with this product is clear: it charges $ 79 for the device and a fee of $ 3 per month for content from the second year (the first is free). And along the way he has already loyalized a whole family for life.

Amazon has also signed agreements with other toy manufacturers to add content to Alexa. For example, some Trivias such as When in Rome already allow infinite fun to the players, since the questions are always new.